Friday, September 2, 2016


teal on Paj silk
Layering color on color is one of the most creative and satisfying results of the nuno felting technique but is also UNIQUE to nuno felting.

You can call it the most "bang for your buck" but there's a lot more to it than that.

Whether you are producing to sell, doing it along with other fiberart techniques, or are doing it as an artistic expression, you want to take full advantage of getting the most out of the hours of labor you put into it.

You also want to produce the kind of results that keep you engaged with the technique.  It takes hours of experience and familiarity with the characteristics of all kinds of fibers and fabrics to hone in on what will give you the best results you can get and get there a little faster and with more consistency.  Do not give up!

WHY NOW?  My focus on color and how to get great results WITH COLOR comes from spending the last several months selling hundreds of nuno felted scarves, loops and wraps directly to customers in dozens of shows, events and farmer's markets in NoCal - a very special situation since I get to meet, demonstrate and show my work as well as get instant feedback on what my customers love about nuno felting.

There is nothing better than getting all these wonderful reactions to and real appreciation of all this hard work!

What they LOVE MOST are the colors!  both fibers and fabric.

WAIT......THERE's MORE!  See you next week....................................................

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