Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BEST WORKTABLE for nuno felting now on sale at

Hobby Table
You know I've recommended this lots of times but you might want to have a look if you are planning to continue to nuno felt on a regular basis, or need a worktable that is the perfect height for standing. calls it the Sew Essentials Home Hobby Table, reg price $149 now $112.  Shipping is $14 (not bad) inside the US.

They don't have it in their stores, you have to order it online.

I just had to get a new one since my original model was more than 15 years old and has barely lived through the 5 apartment moves I have had in the last 4 years.  It works but most of the wheels are knocked out of joint and all the edges are looking a little frayed-----------so in order to make my day, here comes the new one!!!

There are very few worktables like this that allow you to stand which is an essential position when you nuno felt (without spending over $1000).  

You need to be both comfortable and have the freedom to move around the table while you work.

It will also allow me to set up a workshop for giving individual and "for 2" workshops starting in January 2017.

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