Saturday, March 12, 2016

Making a Triangle Shape for your nuno felted scarf

I love the extended one-end of this triangle pattern-----it makes a lot of sense when you see how lovely it drapes with those additional inches.

Trying this out today!

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Triangle Nuno Scarf

I saw a Knit triangle Scarf that looked interesting and though I could do that with nuno felt.

If you would like to knit it her is the link. it is available in several languages.
I wasn't sure of the finished length but I was thinking about 6 feet.  I cut a piece of silk 4ft by 8 ft. and then cut that corner to corner to make 2 scarves.
I cut the slits first, inserting resists to make sure they holes stayed open.
triangle scarf 3
The first layer of wool was one of my own batts that I split in to thin layers.
triangle scarf 1
Then more colours, well shades of purple mostly
triangle scarf 4
then I address some silk top and throwster's waste. Mostly purples again and I used some turquoise for pop.
triangle scarf 5
6 feet seems to be the right length. I think you could do it a bit smaller if you wanted or if you are petite.
scarf 2scarf1
All in all I am very pleased with it. I may iron the folds in to it but I haven't decided yet. I will add a picture on the mannequin a little later. I don't want you all to be waiting for the post, thinking I have forgotten about you.

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